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Thursday, November 30, 2023


Inselspital Bern
Auditorium Maurice E. Müller, Operationstrakt Ost (OpO) F
(former "Hörsaal Chirurgie")
Neurozentrum, Entry 25
Rosenbühlgasse 25
3010 Bern


Slides and presentations in English


  • Swiss Neurological Society (SNG): 4 Credits
  • Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine (SSGIM): 3 Credits
  • Swiss Association of Medical Practice Specialists (SVA): 4 Credits
  • Swiss Society of Neuro Surgery (SSNS): 6 Credits
  • Swiss Society of Neuro Pediatrics (SSNP): 3 Credits
  • Foederatio Pharmaceutica Helvetiae | FPH Offizin / Officine: 25 FPH points
  • GSASA | FPH Hospital Pharmacy: 25 FPH points
  • GSASA | FPH Clinical Pharmacy: 25 FPH points

No credits were awarded by the Swiss Society of Clinical Neuropsychology (SSCN).

Confirmation of participation

Attendants will receive their electronic confirmation of participation per e-mail after the symposium

Scientific Committee

Prof. Christoph Schankin, MD, Bern - Chairman
Prof. Andreas Kleinschmidt, MD, Geneva
Prof. Franz Riederer, MD, Bern
Prof. Chiara Zecca, MD, Lugano
PD Antonella Palla, MD, Zurich
PD Athina Papadopoulou, MD, Basel
Nina Bischoff, MD, Bern

President of the Swiss Headache Society

Prof. Andreas Kleinschmidt, MD, Geneva

Website and Contact of the Swiss Headache Society |

Professional Congress Organizer (PCO)

IMK - Institute for medicine and communication Ltd.
Harald F. Grossmann
Münsterberg 1
4001 Basel

Phone: +41 61 561 53 53